Our Services

1 hour Initial Consultation

Investment: $100.00

During this initial consultation we will either come to the owners home or they can come to our facility. While visiting with them and the dog we will get a chance to see how much training/rehabilitation the dog will need, as well as how much training the owner needs. It is possible that will bring a well socialized dog over to participate in the evaluation or have the owner demonstrate how they are currently handling their dog around other dogs. We will observe other animals or people within the household as well and possibly try to handle the dog ourself. At the same time, we will talk with the owner and try to understand what their long term goals are with regard to their dog, and how they will be able to help their dog reach this goal. The owner will be provided with information as far as what can be done immediately and at no further cost, as well as where the owner may find tremendous amounts of free content on the internet or in books that will help them train and socialize their animal. At the end of the consultation, we will let the owner know some options and what the cost will be.

1.5 hour Dog Training Sessions

investment: $150 (sold in packages of 5)

These sessions are great for owners who want to or need to play a more active role in their dogs training, or simply have dogs who only need help with a few problem areas. Sometimes it is simply learning how to walk on a leash calmly around distractions, other times it is learning how to come back when all at the dog park or beach. Whatever the problem may be, rest assured that we will take our time and guide you and your dog step by step through the process of training and socialization. We will practice training and socializing in a real world environment that is right for your dogs level of understanding. For some dogs, we may start in the home and eventually work up to walking around the block, for others, we may start with on leash walks and work up to off leash pack walks. Wherever we start or finish, you can be assured that you are going to get the information and tools you need to see progress as quickly as possible.

Board and train 1 week

iNVESTMENT: $1,200

This is a great way for your dog to get a great behavioral foundation.  Your dog will stay with us in a real home environment 24 hours a day.  We will of course teach the basic commands, such as "heel", "sit", "place", and "down".  In addition we will teach your dog etiquitte with regard to food, doorways, tables, people, and other dogs.  We will work the dog on leash in the real world, which will mean that the dog will have real world skills.  In addition your dog will hang out with other dogs and learn how to properly meet and great other dogs.  Through this complete approach, your dog will not just be a "treat-training class" dog, but a dog that is really able to understand the real world and the role they should play in it.  This is only for puppies under 6 months old and dogs that do not have serious behavior issues.  We will do one 1 hour training session when the dog goes home and one 1 hour training session at your home after the dog has been returned. These additional training sessions will occur at your house or in public and will target the areas you need coaching with. Includes one free 1 hour on leash structured pack walk or play session as well.

board and train 2 week


This is for people who eventually want to be able to take their dog off leash wherever they go.  After 1 week of training your dog will be ready to understand the electronic collar.  Using an electronic collar is one of the easiest and safest ways to be able to do this.  With very low level stimulation, we teach the dog to understand the "invisible leash" that we humans call an e-collar.  This means that your dog will know how to perform commands even when off leash as well as come when called.  Once a dog has this basic foundation, it is amazing to see the progress that is possible.   When our dog understands that our connection to them is beyond just the reach of a leash, we can really take our relationship with them to another level.  This is only for dogs that do not have serious behavioral issues.  We will do 1 hour training session when you come to pick up the dog and two 1 hour follow up session after the dog has been returned. These additional training sessions will occur at your house or in public and will target the areas you need coaching with. Includes two free 1 hour structured pack walks as well.

board and train 4-6 weeks

INVESTMENT $1000 (per week)

For dogs that have serious behavioral issues they are struggling with, this is the only option.  Many times, the issues that face our dogs are deeply interwoven into the routines and behaviors they practice every day, as well as their relationship to us.  For this reason, we offer 3-6 week board and train options.  During this time your dog will get a reintroduction to the world that they once knew.  They will have the time to process and really understand what they need to do to succeed.  This kind of success is what many people need to motivate them to take the lead when it comes to shaping their dogs behavior.  We will spend, 1 hour training with you and your dog 1 week prior to their return, 1 hour with you and your dog when they are picked up, and 1 additional hour session for each week they have stayed past 2 weeks.  These additional training sessions will occur at your house or in public and will target the areas you need coaching with. Includes one free 1 hour structured pack walk per week of boarding as well.

Pack Walk

$20 per pack walk

The pack walk is a service we offer for clients and their dogs who we have previously trained, but would like some support or coaching while practicing their new way of handling their dog. When we go on a pack walk together, clients get to see for themselves just how our pack moves and grooves together. They get to see the real world things that happen, and how me and the pack deal with it. If during a pack walk, a dog or owner is struggling, we are always more than happy to listen and try to help the dog and human find a solution. Sometimes, this is the final step in helping someone build their confidence to eventually trust their dog off leash around dogs, for others this is a way to give their dog some awesome social time with a balanced pack. This is a great way that we can help you with your dog’s socialization and training, at a fraction of the cost that a typical training session might cost.

dog structured adventure camp

$100 per day owner drop off/pick up 8-10 hours. WE pick up/drop off 2-4 hours

This is exclusively for dogs that we have previously trained.  This is a great way for your dog to get a ton of physical exercise, all while practicing good manners and learning more about obedience. By coaching and leading them throughout their daily routine, we help them to exercise their self control and attention. By taking them on miles of hiking trails, pack walks or beach runs with the dog pack, they will surely be exercised physically as well. For many dogs, a structured day program is the only way they can be safely socliaized with other dogs while the owner is not present, for others, typical dog daycare play groups are too crowded or energized for them to relax. For others, they may enjoy staying home most of the day, but having an outdoor adventure mid day will really make their week a lot more fulfilling.  When out and about, either on or off leash, we are always monitoring your dog and coaching them in making safe choices. We put e-collars on all of our dogs when off leash in groups so that we can be sure we always have 100% control over your dog and any other dogs in our pack. So often, this is the difference between a dig fight or an accident happening; the ability to have complete control over the dog when off leash.

Boarding and Daycamp

$120 per night

For dogs that we have trained we offer a dog boarding and daycamp option.  This is for dog owners who are traveling, are home but very busy for a few days, or dog owners who want their dog to get a chance to spend more time with me and my pack, for a discounted amount.  We will keep the dog overnight, as well as include them in our doggie adventure outings.  Just like the daycamp, our overnight boarding option is designed to not only give your dog physical exercise, but mental exercise as well.   Every time they come back, they get a chance to learn and socialize with me and my pack.  In addition, it will give us a chance to give your your dog any helpful guidance we can in some areas that either of you may be wishing to improve.

The greatest gift we can give our dog, is to include them in our life. The worst punishment is to not include them, and never truly let them know why.
— Eric Stokell