Frequently Asked Questions

WHat kind of dog trainer are you?

I am a balanced dog trainer.  That means that we use both "yes" and "no" to get the dogs into a better state of mind and eliminate unwanted behaviors.  We use food, affections, inclusion, adventures, exercise, toys, play and treats to tell the dog "yes" we like that behavior.  We use prong collars, e-collars, pet convincers(air sprayer), slip leads, spacial pressure, social pressure, and bonkers (rolled up towel) to teach the dogs "no" we do not want you to do that anymore.  Through balanced training we are not only able to get the dog trained, but we are able to give the owner the tools they need to succeed in keeping up with the training.

What is an e-collar?

E-collars or electronic collars are one of the safest and most effective tools when it comes to training dogs and including them in our life.    Many people naively refer to these collars as "shock collars", however that is not an accurate word to describe them.   The truth is while these collars at high levels can produce a "shocking" sensation, they can also provide the dog with extremely low levels of electrical stimulation to gently provide the dog with information from the handler/owner.  When used properly, the electronic collar is used primarily at a very low level, which actually is not painful at all.  To properly train a dog to be sensitive to low level e collar pressure takes time, which is why we do not offer e collar training for any dog that has spent less than 2 weeks with us.

WHy do you have to keep the dog with you, can't you just do a few hour long training sessions?

The truth is we simply want you to get the most for your money, and we definitely don't want to have to rush your dog through the training process.  If you would like to train your dog on your own, there are a ton of videos online as well as other local trainers we can refer you to to help you with this process.  For us, we prefer to have 100% control over all aspects of the dogs life so that we can help them really reach their highest potential, while at the same time removing the distractions that the dog is typically around throughout the day.  When we keep a dog here in a home environment and include it in our day to day activities, we get to see how the dog behaves in a variety of settings and around a ton of distractions, this gives us the information we need to really help the dog succeed.  Plus, wouldn't it just be easier to have someone return to you a fully trained dog, and all you need to do is the maintenance?

WIll my dog be safe with you and your dogs?

Your dogs safety is of utmost importance to us here at follow the leader k9.  We will never leave your dog unattended around other dogs and we will never let your dog off leash without either a long line attached to it, an electronic collar, or both.  When taking your dogs out into the public we will always advocate for the safety of your pet and do our utmost to keep it safe.  

Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured 

DO I have to keep my dog in a crate?

Honestly it depends on the dog, some dogs really do need to have a safe and calm space for them to relax.  Some dogs do fine without a crate, but most dogs should have some sort of room, car, dog run, or enclosure that is designated for them to remain for some period of time.

HOw long will my dog need an e collar?

It honestly depends on how much follow up work you do with the dog, and obviously on the dog as well.  Some clients never even use the e-collar and the dog behaves perfectly after being trained with us.  Other people have to spend time reinforcing the training with their dog in a variety of situations before they are able to eventually stop using the collar.  Some people eventually  will just use the e collar selectively when going to high distraction or stimulating environments. Other people, will love the security and control they gain from an e collar and decide to use it for the remainder of the dogs life.

What role do I play in the behavior of my dog?

Whether or not you have had the dog since it was a puppy or it is a recent rescue, you play a huge role in the behavior of your dog.  There is always a level of responsibility that anyone who's dog we train, must take for the behavior of their animal.  Exercise, affection, routine, structure, advocating for your pet, and holding the dog accountable for it's actions all play a vital role in the way your dog behaves.   So be prepared to learn a little from us, and a lot from your dog, about what it needs from you to be successful.