Our Services

Board and train 1 week


This is a great way for your dog to get a great behavioral foundation.  Your dog will stay with us in a real home environment 24 hours a day.  We will of course teach the basic commands, such as "heel", "sit", "place", and "down".  In addition we will teach your dog etiquitte with regard to food, doorways, tables, people, and other dogs.  We will work the dog on leash in the real world, which will mean that the dog will have real world skills.  In addition your dog will hang out with other dogs and learn how to properly meet and great other dogs.  Through this complete approach, your dog will not just be a "treat-training class" dog, but a dog that is really able to understand the real world and the role they should play in it.  This is only for puppies under 6 months old and dogs that do not have serious behavior issues.  We will do one 30 minute training session when the dog goes home and 1 hour training session at your home after the dog has been returned

board and train 2 week


This is for people who eventually want to be able to take their dog off leash wherever they go.  After 1 week of training your dog will be ready to understand the electronic collar.  Using an electronic collar is one of the easiest and safest ways to be able to do this.  With very low level stimulation, we teach the dog to understand the "invisible leash" that we humans call an e-collar.  This means that your dog will know how to perform commands even when off leash as well as come when called.  Once a dog has this basic foundation, it is amazing to see the progress that is possible.   When our dog understands that our connection to them is beyond just the reach of a leash, we can really take our relationship with them to another level.  This is only for dogs that do not have serious behavioral issues.  We will do 1 hour training session when you come to pick up the dog and 1 hour follow up session after the dog has been returned.

board and train 3-6 weeks

INVESTMENT $500 (per week)

For dogs that have serious behavioral issues they are struggling with, this is the only option.  Many times, the issues that face our dogs are deeply interwoven into the routines and behaviors they practice every day, as well as their relationship to us.  For this reason, we offer 3-6 week board and train options.  During this time your dog will get a reintroduction to the world that they once knew.  They will have the time to process and really understand what they need to do to succeed.  This kind of success is what many people need to motivate them to take the lead when it comes to shaping their dogs behavior.  We will spend, 1 hour training with you and your dog 1 week prior to their return, 1 hour with you and your dog when they are picked up, and 1 additional hour for each week they have stayed past 2 weeks.  These 1-3 additional training sessions will occur at your house or in public and will target the areas you need coaching with.

dog training DayCAMP

$80 per day

This is exclusively for dogs that we have previously trained.  This is a great way for your dog to get a refresher on pack rules, structure, following the leader, and just hanging out in dog meditation.   If your dog is just not into the high energy and lack of structure found at dog daycare facilities, this is for them.  We will go hiking, walking, or biking with the dog pack  or even go to the beach for a long run.  Always monitoring them closely and their pack mates and making sure there is harmony.  With us your dog can truly relax and feel safe.

Boarding and Daycamp

$100 per night

For dogs that we have trained we offer a dog boarding and daycamp option.  This is for dog owners who are traveling or who just need a break from their dog for a few days.  We will keep the dog overnight, as well as include them in our dog daycamp routine.  Just like the daycamp, our overnight boarding option is designed to not only give your dog physical exercise, but mental exercise as well.   Every time they come back, they get a little dose of all the training they have had with us before.  This means that they will return to you even better trained and socialized than they were before.  In addition, it will give us a chance to give you any helpful guidance we can in any areas you may still be struggling with.

The greatest gift we can give our dog, is to include them in our life. The worst punishment is to not include them, and never truly let them know why.
— Eric Stokell